Forest Foundation’s internship program pairs with non-profits that:

  • Are willing to provide a college student an exceptional, service-filled summer by educating them on the inner workings of a non-profit agency at the managerial level
  • Need summer staffing to continue operations and implement projects
  • Represent excellence in the local community
  • Offer a nurturing, fun, and instructive work environment
  • Collaborate in the development of leadership skills for the interns

Host Agency Requirements

Basic Details


  • The host agency must have the ability to provide meaningful work assignments, learning opportunities, time for training and supervision during the 10-week time frame. Work dates can be flexible but have to be agreed upon by all parties.  Generally, internships begin late May or early June and run 10 weeks.
  • Specific weekly work schedule to be determined by intern and host agency.  Interns must complete the internship schedule parameters to receive full compensation


  • Intern supervisor. Identify a staff member who is committed to and capable of mentoring and who has time to supervise the intern. This person will act as the primary contact for the intern as well as Forest Foundation.  We also encourage host agencies to meet with as many staff members as possible over the course of the summer.

Intern Compensation

  • Forest Foundation grants hosting non-profit $7,000 to compensate the intern. Host non-profit is responsible for paying the intern. Forest Foundation will grant an additional $700 to the host agency ($7,700 total grant) to lessen the burden of employer payroll taxes and/or administrative/managerial time. The intern is responsible for completing payroll/compensation agreement with host agency prior to start date, so compensation can begin in a timely manner. Forest Foundation grants two checks to the host agency, 50% by early May and the following 50% by June 30th. The intern must be compensated as an employee on payroll and not as an independent contractor with a 1099.
  • The intern is a temporary employee of host agency and is not an employee of Forest Foundation. All typical workplace regulations are in force

Creating Intern Responsibilities

  • Host agency and intern work together to create an Internship Work Plan, an overview of the job, expectations, projects/tasks, qualifications and skills needed

Independent Project

  • In addition to regular internship duties, completion of a summer-long independent project may be suggested for your intern. Work with your intern to create a project that is not only of benefit to your agency, but instructive and realistic for the intern and draws upon their interests and expertise.  Quite often an intern will have down time that a project can easily fill during the 10-week internship.  It is a great resume builder for the intern- to say they completed a specific project over just simply working at your agency.

Leadership Development Days

  • Development/Workshop/Academy meetings. We have created these events, both in-person and virtual,  with learning objectives in mind that will benefit both the intern and your organization. Though interns will not be working at your agency on these days and zooms, they are considered a part of the full time, 10-week internship for which interns are compensated. 2024 dates are:


Wed May 22– VIRTUAL, 10AM-12:30PM

Thursday May 23- IN PERSON Non Profit Center, 9:30AM- roughly 3PM

Friday May 24- VIRTUAL, 10AM- 1PM

Tuesday, June 28 Most internships begin (Monday 27th Memorial Day)

Thursday, May 30 VIRTUAL Academy– 1PM

Thursday, June 6 VIRTUAL Academy – 1PM

Thursday, June 13 VIRTUAL Academy – 1PM

Thursday, June 20 IN-PERSON Team SITE VISIT

Wednesday, June 26 IN-PERSON Non Profit Center, 9:30AM-2PM

Thursday, July 4 – OFF Week

Wednesday July 11- Virtual- Academy – 1PM

Thursday, July 18 VirtualAcademy – 1PM

Wednesday July 24 IN PERSON Non Profit Center, 10AM-1:30PM

Wednesday July 31 IN PERSON Non Profit Center, 10AM-3:30PM

All in-person meetings take place at the Non-Profit Center, 89 South Street, Boston, MA

*July 4 will be a paid holiday and interns are not required to “make up” hours later in the internship


  • Appropriate attire, prompt attendance, and proper behavior are required for the intern. Forest Foundation will guide interns in these matters, but host agency should communicate specific expectations of the agency’s particular environment. Forest Foundation must be notified of problems within work environment immediately, so we can address and remedy the situation
  • Please create a positive, multi-faceted internship that exposes the intern to many aspects of your agency and keeps the 10 weeks productive, challenging and enjoyable. Including interns in important meetings, encouraging their participation in events, and assigning them projects are great ways to keep interns engaged and interested

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Forest Foundation is committed to fostering the next generation of public service leaders.