From Interns

“This summer I learned the delicate task of balancing direct services with policy development to create changes that impact the present and prepare for the future.”

“Not every organization has effective strategies, but they all have goals and volunteers, which if used correctly can be very beneficial.”

“Now that I am working, I can turn to my connections made at Forest Foundation.  This has made me an asset in my current position and I have been able to connect our organization to change-makers in the area and it has given me confidence.”

“The 2nd year internship program is the kind of thing that sets Forest Foundation apart from other opportunities – it not only gives people funds necessary to pursue work they are passionate about, but allows students to tap into an amazing network of young change-makers.”

“Distance yourself from normative views and critically assess why you are doing what you are doing and whether you like it or not.”

“It is a rare opportunity to be in a space with so many intellectual, driven, passionate young adults.  I have gained a new sense of confidence in my abilities to effectively make change.”

“I learned about the global injustices local communities face. Every community is different and different strategies should be used in each community.”

“Working independently was a challenge, but it inspired me to dig deeper and achieve results.”

From Host Agency Partners

“We especially appreciated the diversity they brought to our organization and hope their talents were as appreciated with the Foundation as they were here. I think the skills the Forest Foundation offered interns via the grant writing project was a plus and offered them a unique experience to the one here..”

“It was a great experience and we learned from her I hope as much as she learned from us.

“He became an integral part of the team and we were sad to see him go. These have been common themes with each of our past Forest Foundation interns, and we are already counting down until next summer when we can host again!

“She is fabulous! Thank you for matching her with us. I would love to keep her forever.”

“Amina was self-directed, brought a great deal of energy, and was able to deal with a complex assignment during serious organizational change.”

“Anja brought an openness to jump in and try new things and an interest in gaining a wide swath of organizing experiences.”

“Julianna was self directed, quickly became part of our team, and it was clear she cared very much about doing the work and doing it well. She was a safe and supportive presence for our clients.”