The Program

Forest Foundation, through its FF Ventures program, invites grant proposals from  college students, recent college graduates, and others who have created a start-up, emerging,  or new non-profit in the New England/New York states. These are funding grants to aid in the start-up and/or continued momentum of the early stages. Early grant funding is rare and critical to the frail stability of developing programs. FF Ventures identifies and invests in leaders during this fragile growth period, hopefully bridging the program from idea, creation, start-up to full sustainability.


  • A site visit, phone call and/or meeting before a proposal invitation
  • Grant request is for Operating or Project expense, not for Capital or Endowment
  • Possibility of up to three years funding with annual application
  • Grant awards up to $10,000
  • Preference given to Programs impacting populations within the United States. Programs impacting populations in foreign countries may be considered but would need to be highly innovative
  • In person meeting with Forest Foundation staff in the Greater Boston area is a requirement for funding
  • Compensation grants are encouraged, allowing founder to scale back other work to concentrate on new initiative

Key Criteria

  • Initiative is based in New England and New York states
  • Emerging small budgets. New, well funded initiatives will not be supported.
  • Current or pending 501c3 status, or fiscal agency status (i.e., Fractured Atlas)
  • Mission impacts communities in need with preference for families, youth, or underserved populations in the U.S.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives will get preference

Selection of Past Grants






“As a tiny organization with limited funding and no full-time staff, we were thrilled to receive FF Ventures funding to make our work sustainable by creating a toolkit of materials that comprised the trainings we’d been giving in-person to over 10,000 students, and later received funding to build our next program.”

Forest Foundation is committed to fostering the next generation of public service leaders.