Forest Foundation Summer Internship Application Instructions

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Acceptance decisions and notification will be made via email up until the end of March, 2018. Applicants are first accepted into the Forest Foundation Summer Internship Program. Once you accept our offer through a signed contract (see below), we begin host agency placements.

  • CONTRACT: Acceptance of our offer into the program must be confirmed by returning a signed contract to Laney Makin at laney@forestfoundation.net no later than two weeks after you receive an acceptance notification via email. Acceptance is also a commitment to attend and participate in all internship related events.
  • AGENCY PLACEMENTS: Placements are based on various criteria including agency need, your personal skills and interests, and geography. An in-person or phone interview with your prospective host agency will be required.
  • If you choose not to accept your initial host agency placement, your application will be waitlisted and we may offer you another placement. If this process is unsuccessful, the position will be offered to another applicant.

Questions or information, please contact Laney Makin, Program Coordinator by email at laney@forestfoundation.net

Forest Foundation
P.O. Box 112 Boxford, MA 01921
Office: 978-887-8080

Click Here for Application Process

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM and APPLICATION QUESTIONS: You must complete the online Personal Information Form and answer all accompanying Application Questions. All applicants must be enrolled at U.S. based colleges.
  • RESUME: A resume is required. Please submit this with your application.
  • REFERENCE LETTER: A letter of reference is required. Have a professor, staff member, or community member submit a one-page maximum letter on official letterhead. The letter should address why you are a good candidate for our Summer Internship Program, and how you would be a positive addition to a non-profit’s staff. Letters may be uploaded and submitted with your application materials, or they may be emailed separately from your referrer as a Word or PDF attachment to laney@forestfoundation.net (change email address throughout)
  • PERSONAL STATEMENTS: Personal statements are welcomed, but not required.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ALL THESE MATERIALS is February 15, 2018. Applications are accepted and welcomed early; once we receive your application, we will confirm by email. It is your responsibility to be sure you receive this confirmation email.

APPLICATION REVIEW AND PHONE INTERVIEWS: Applications will be reviewed from January through March, 2018. A short phone interview with one of Forest Foundation’s staff members may be required during this time.

The Forest Foundation Undergraduate Summer Internship Program can be a multi-year, co-curricular experience. We accept applicants regardless of disability, nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual preference.

After reviewing the acceptance and application process notes above, please apply via the form below. You can save and continue later if needed.

The 2017 Summer Program has ended.  It was a great summer for our 56 interns. Please look for our 2018 Summer application on December 1, 2017.  The application deadline will be February 15, 2018.  Thank You.

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